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Agile Alliance – Technical Debt Initiative workshop

We got our Agile Alliance workshop in Madrid, and it has been very productive, with some promising outcomes for 2016. And very fun and instructive also, thanks to the MadriAgil community who helped us organize a ‘Dice of Debt’ game.

The feedback was incredible: “All my bosses should play the Dice of Debt game”.

Agile Alliance Technical Debt Initiative

I am happy to announce you the publication of the Agile Alliance Debt Analysis Model (A2DAM). You will find also an introduction to the Technical Debt concept, reviewed by Ward Cunningham himself. And some steps to introduce the management of the Technical Debt  in Agile projects, at different levels: release, iteration and story.

Evaluation of an application portfolio with the 3D City model

Doing an assessment of the quality of a portfolio of applications is never easy. What if we could use a representation of our portfolio as a 3D City? How could this help us?

Software Quality Maturity Model & Technical Debt

How to measure your level of maturity in Software Quality? Are you of the stuff of the heroes? Does your management encourage good practices ? How to use Technical Debt for successful projects and better decision making?

Do Developers Dream of Automated Function Points? (II)

What are the requirements to calculate Automated Function Points?  Are there limitations? How can we use this measure and for what use cases?

Do Developers Dream of Automated Function Points? (I)

Do developers know Function Points? Why not? Would this measure be useful to them? Would they be interested if it could be automated?