One number for the post today: 1001.

This is the number of unique visitors on my blog Qualilogy in 3 months.

Maybe you remember that, at December 31, or 40 days after it has been launched, 300 visitors had made ​​456 visits and saw 1,160 pages.

This figure has doubled over the next 40 days and last Thursday, 1,001 people did 1,601 visits and viewed nearly 3,500 page views since launching Qualilogy.

It has taken 20 days to reach the first 100 visitors, then gradually, for every new 100 unique visitors, 10 days, a week, and currently less than 5 days.

Here it is, since the beginning:

Many big thanks to everyone who did help and support us since the beginning. See you in the next three months.

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