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8 choice criteria for a code analysis tool (1/2)

I am always surprised when an article claims to compare code analysis tools or proposes criteria to choose such a tool. There is no definitive answer to this question, other than ‘it depends’.

If you want to buy a car, you will of course make your choice based on some criteria depending on the usage you plan for your vehicle. A coupe or convertible sports car are certainly attractive objects but impractical when it comes to transport your large family, do your shopping at Carrefour or go the beach with your surfing board.

Same when it comes to the selection of a tool to analyze the quality of your applications.
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The Learning Matrix

New Year’s greetings is always an opportunity to contact people and I did call someone I had not been talking for a while. As we are in the same consulting business, we soon were sharing views about how things were doing, and I asked him about a company where we have been working together.

He told me that their projects had been going so chaotic that they decided to outsource their applications. They recognized that they failed in maintaining the source code: too complex, too much difficulties to implement evolutions without generating a lot of defects, schedules not met, IT image and credibility going down.

My first thought was that they had made a great step ahead: they know that they do not know. Continue reading

City Model

I got a nice Christmas gift.
I love it.

This is a Sonar plugin that has been developed by eXcentia, a spanish company located in the beautiful city of Valencia, that you already know if you are interested in sport events like America’s cup, Formula 1 or Moto GP racings and, last but not least, is also famously renowned for its … paella.

This Sonar extension, based on WebGL, is part of eXcentia’s framework QAlitaX. It provides a 3D visual representation of an application, using Sonar metrics to model it as a city. You can find it here on eXcentia web site. Continue reading