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Technical debt – Developers vs. marketing guys

I must confess it: I have always been wary of the concept of technical debt. It has always seemed a marketing concept to me.

It’s like if you decided to buy a car, and the salesman will be giving you the keys and proudly adds with a smile: “you owe already $ 10 000”. And he does not speak about the car credit, no, he simply means that the car you have just bought contains certain flaws that will become increasingly apparent over time, and weary the engine, the body, even probably the driver.

How would you react if a salesman told you that? Would you buy this car?

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Quality in the Cloud

I was invited last week to attend a marketing event where different customers did talk about their experience in the world of Cloud and virtualization.

It was really interesting: I learned a lot, but especially, I discovered the vision of the production teams about… application quality.

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Use cases – Working seamlessly together

We have seen in the previous two posts that some quite common use cases require just a limited number – 10 to 20 – of metrics. These use cases are:

  • Validate the delivery of a new version of the application (Quality Gate).
  • Get objective data for SLAs.
  • Manage the Continuous Integration / Improvement processes.

A comment in the first post asked: “What are these 10 or 20 most important metrics?”
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