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Sonar Cobol – What you need to know

I did some posts some months ago (Sonar – Cobol analysis with Jenkins, Open Source & Legacy code) with the idea to to show that you don’t need to be a J2EE guru or an Open Source expert to analyze Legacy code like Cobol (or ABAP) with Sonar and Jenkins.

And I see people going to my blog to look at these pages, which show some interest for this subject.

Now, as someone said recently: “We’ve got Sonar analysis well under way there. We’re contemplating putting Cobol under analysis as well, but I don’t understand the mainframe side and the Cobol-ers don’t understand the Jenkins & Sonar side”.

So, let’s try to help. This post (and following ones) has the objective to describe what you should know to implement a process of Cobol code analysis with Sonar and Jenkins.

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Cherchez l’erreur (2/2)

The bug we presented in our previous post got a lot of very interesting comments. So, big thanks to all of you who did share your point of view about it

I am not a QA expert; my experience as a consultant is more oriented towards code quality and development lifecycle’s best practices.

So I was curious about more authorized opinions before to start formulating some hypothesis in this second post.

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Cherchez l’erreur (1/2)

As a Quality consultant, I love nothing more than finding bugs.

Nothing more fun than analyzing the code of an application and find one or more big good unforgivable bugs, as an ABAP ‘Break’ (instruction used in debug mode that will instantly stop the program), an OPEN / CLOSE file in a loop (time consuming instruction that should be placed out of the loop, obviously) or direct access to the database from a JSP page. No need of a specialist to know that these are serious defects.

Yet there is a situation when I hate finding bugs: as a user of an application.

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