Monthly Archives: December 2012

First analysis of ABAP code

After seeing in the previous post how to extract the ABAP code, with the help of the extractor provided by Sonar, it’s time to start our first analysis … but not with the code previously extracted.

In fact, the first time I set up an analysis for a new technology, I will make a first test with some files which I am sure have no problem, because this code has already been tested and proven by Sonar, and is downloadable from this page: Sonar Project Examples.

In this page you will find links to other pages in which navigate to search for different examples of projects. Or simply click on the link to download a compressed file.

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ABAP code extraction

We continue our series of posts on ABAP code analysis with Sonar. Today: the extraction of code.

We have seen in our first article Sonar & ABAP – What you need to know, that the ABAP code is stored in the SAP Workbench, so that we’ll have to install a program in the Workbench to extract the code to analyze. Yes, we will have to connect to the Workbench to install and run this program. Continue reading