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Install Sonar – Oracle

Installer SONAR - OracleLet’s continue our series of posts on installing SONAR with this article on installing Oracle.

Why Oracle? Why not an Open Source database such as MySQL, widespreadly used?

Simply because, once again, our goal is to allow people without a technical background to install a platform for analyzing application quality with SONAR. And these people often work in companies where Windows and Oracle are mostly used. Continue reading

Install Sonar – JDK

Install SONAR - JDKFirst post on the installation of a platform to measure the quality of applications with SONAR: the installation of a JDK or Java Development Kit.

But first, a word about our environment.

When you look at the SONAR installation documentation, you can see that it is possible to use it in a lot of different environments and configurations: Windows, AIX, Solaris, Linux, with Maven or Ant (or not), as a Windows service (or not), etc. Continue reading

Install Sonar

SONAR installation - Our environmentEveryone knows the famous principle edicted by Tom DeMarco: “You can not control what you cannot measure”. Everyone does of course agree with this sentence. Yet many people who work in software engineering – responsible for projects, managers, stakeholders, and even quality consultants – make decisions in terms of budget, schedule and teams without the necessary measures that could enable them to control their projects.

These people know that a code analysis tool could produce these measures, but they do not have a technical background and they think that such a tool is complex to install and to use, so they will reserve its use to ‘specialists’. Continue reading

Best practices of ABAP programming – Major defects

Bonnes pratiques de programmation ABAP - Les défauts majeursWe have seen previously SONAR ‘Blockers’ for ABAP, whose name indicates that any such violation cannot be tolerated, and ‘Critical’ defects, severe enough to require immediate correction, but for which an exception can be accepted, if it is very rigourosly justified.

In our SONAR Quality Profile, ‘Blockers’ focus on anything that can stop a transaction or program and ‘Critical’ on programming practices that pose a risk to the performance.

We will conclude this series on best practices of ABAP programming with the remaining rules, which will mainly affect the maintainability of the code.

Continue reading