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Install Sonar – Oracle user

Installer SONAR - Crér un user Sonar avec la console OracleThe most recent posts in our series about Installing Sonar were focused on Oracle, and everything you need to know about this database to install a platform dedicated to code analysis with Sonar (and Jenkins, and Tomcat).

At the end of the post about Oracle installation, I told you to note the address of the administration console of Oracle.

Today we will use this console to create an Oracle User that will allow us to have a SONAR schema in our database.

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Install Sonar – Oracle tips and tricks

OracleTipsTricksAfter seeing how to install Oracle and install a Loopback Adapter in order to use Oracle on a laptop or a workstation without a network connection, I will present in this article some tips and tricks very useful when you need to manage the complex database that can be sometimes (or most times) Oracle..

For example, there is nothing more frustrating than having a problem during the installation of Oracle, and not be able to uninstall it. It’s very hard to get rid of it: it is even more difficult to remove it than to install it.

We’ll see also some basic tools and commands to verify that Oracle is working properly.

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Install Sonar – Oracle Loopback Adapter

Sonar Install - Oracle Loopback AdapterThe last post of our serie ‘Install Sonar’ described the installation and configuration of Oracle.

As it was already long enough, we could not see some tips and tricks that can be useful to verify that Oracle is installed and usable.

If your installation was a on a computer of you company, with a network connection, then your Oracle should already be working correctly.

In fact, Oracle requires an IP address in order to work. And without going into details, if your PC is running on a network, you already have an IP address. If you’re not always – if ever – connected to a corporate network, you will need a local IP address. It is the role of the Loopback Adapter, which simulates a network loop on your computer.

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