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SonarQube Upgrade

After preparing the upgrade of our SonarQube version in the previous post, about upgrade prerequisites, which allowed us to present how to make a backup of our Oracle database (or at least of the Sonar schema), we will see now how to perform this upgrade.

Remember that you can always consult the documentation on this subject since the SonarSource site. This procedure changes very rarely, but I recommend that you always refer to it, in case this article would become obsolete.

Also, our will realize an upgrade of SonarQube installed as a Windows service.

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SonarQube upgrade – Prerequisites


We have seen previously how to migrate SonarQube from Tomcat to a Windows service and how to use SonarQube as a Windows service with Jenkins under Tomcat,

I did use the same release 3.5.1 to perform this migration from Tomcat to a Windows service, and as it is already old, this will be an opportunity to make an upgrade of Sonarqube and update our environment with new versions of plugins.

I will document this operation in two articles, including this first one to present the steps to prepare our upgrade. This will also be the opportunity to see how to do an Oracle backup. Continue reading