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PL/SQL analysis with SonarQube – The PL/SQL Quality Profile

SonarQubePLSQL3After configuring our first PL/SQL analysis from Jenkins, we launched it, so we can now look at the results in the SonarQube dashboard.

This will be an opportunity to discuss and explain, in our next posts, the PL/SQL best practices proposed by SonarQube. But first, let’s have a look at the rules we get with the SonarQube PL/SQL Quality Profile. Continue reading

PL/SQL analysis with SonarQube – Configuration

SonarQubePLSQL2In the first post of this new series about analysis of PL/SQL code with SonarQube, we have seen how I organize my analysis environment, with:

  • a folder C:\SRC\ with all my projects,
  • a sub-directory dedicated to each project,
  • different other sub-directories, including one ‘..\Source’ containing the source code to be analyzed.

In the case of our PL/SQL analysis, this will therefoe be placed in the folder ’C:\SRC\Demo\PLSQL\Source’.

Let’s see no how to create and configure a SonarQube analysis of this code, with Jenkins. Continue reading

Upgrade SonarQube-Runner and Jenkins

JenkinsUpgradeI updated my version of SonarQube int the post SonarQube Upgrade 4.0, which was an opportunity to document some errors encountered.

I also wanted to updater other components such as the SonarQube-Runner and Jenkins and Mr. Jenkins caused me some problems.

So this post will allow us to see an upgrade of the SonarQube-Runner and Jenkins, as well as solve (or avoid) the errors encountered. Continue reading

SonarQube Upgrade 4.0

SonarUpgrade4.0 The last post about SonarQube described an update of version. Unfortunately, I was a bit late between the time I did the upgrade and when I wrote the post, so that in the meantimes, a new version of SonarQube has been available.

This is a version 4.0 (so, a major one), that I did install this weekend. And as I did some errors, this is an opportunity to update this post SonarQube upgrade and to document these error messages and how I solved them.

I will not detail all the steps of upgrade as in the previous article, but simply specify the errors encountered. Continue reading