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PL/SQL analysis with SonarQube – Evaluating the quality (3/3)

PLSQL_TechnicalDebtLast post in our series on the analysis of the quality of PL/SQL code with SonarQube.

Assessing the quality of an application is not just doing a code analysis: anyone can do that. The work of a Quality consultant is based on answering the following questions: what, why, how, how much.

  • What: analyze the results. Size, complexity and duplications, this is what we have seen in our previous posts. We examine the overall figures but also the average and the variance, as well as trends over time when there are several versions. Then we look at the main violations of best practices, focusing primarily on Blockers and Criticals.
  • Why these results: investigating the causes of the analyzed measures, searching for the origin of the results.
  • How to remedy: propose a plan of action. In fact, make several proposals. We shall see below that I propose different plans for the short, medium and long term.
  • How much it costs : assessing the cost of each plan. Continue reading