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Evaluation of an application portfolio with the 3D City model

Qualilogy_TechnicalDebt_PortfolioLast week, I presented the different levels of maturity in software quality and how the measure of the technical debt can help to progress through these different levels, for a proactive and optimized management of application quality.

On this occasion, I spoke of using technical debt as part of the evaluation of a portfolio of applications, along different axes. After this post, I was thinking about what I could do with a 3D graph of such a portfolio, using the eXcentia’s plugin ‘3D City Model’ (1).

I have already presented this plugin in previous articles: City Model, City Model – New release, Critical City where I explained how to customize the 3D graph using our own formulas, and finally the ABC metric to investigate the metric of the same name. Continue reading

Software Quality Maturity Model & Technical Debt

Software Quality Maturity Model & Technical DebtI suppose that you all know CMMI? This model developed by the Software Engineering Institute provides five levels of maturity in order to measure the quality of IT services, and best practices associated with this scale of five levels, in order to progress through it.

I will not write a whole post on this model, it is not the subject of this article, but I will try to present it simply, as I could summarize it to someone who knows nothing about project management and application development. Continue reading