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Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE is the founder and main author of this blog Qualilogy.

He is a french expat, located in Madrid and working as a freelance consultant in Software Quality. And a proud member of the Agile Alliance Technical Debt initiative.

Prior to this, Jean-Pierre was Technical Director or Head of Applications and Development for different software companies or service providers, with ample experience in consulting and implementing software solutions for large international companies, including Carrefour, Orange and Airbus, among others.

Jean-Pierre holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Business Administration from the University of Lyon (France) and in Computing Management from the University of Quebec Canada)


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hafizul Azeez


    When you get a chance, can you blog on writing custom rules for sonar and integrating it with the rules engine? It would be very helpful as I don’t find many resources that gives a good idea of how to go about it.


    1. Jean-Pierre FAYOLLE Post author


      Well, I never worked on new rules. I can understand that this is interesting, if not exciting from a developer’s point of view, but I don’t think this is really useful from a Quality consultant (which I am) point of view.
      I have written a series of 4 posts on this subject, beginning with this first one here: http://qualilogy.com/en/creation-of-custom-metrics/

      Now, if you want to play with SonarQube and add your contribution to the Sonar community, I would recommand you to develop plugins. Some are really interesting and innovative.
      Several post about this here: http://qualilogy.com/en/category/sonar/sonar-360/

      Kind regards,


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