Blogs and holidays

Some news of blogs first.

Qualilogy had the honors of the Sonar blog in July: Sonar in the news.

June was fully dedicated to Jean-Pierre Fayolle ;-)”

Many thanks Olivier, and to the entire Sonar team for their fantastic work and to the Sonar community, you are the best.

Our last post about the Sonar Benchmark plugin was also commented on eXcentia web site. We will be back with new posts about these plugins that I appreciate when I do an assessment of code with Sonar.

And my blog Qualilogy reached the 5 000 unique visitors last Thursday.

5 000 unique visitors in 8 months. Not bad for a personal blog, without any budget, with only the weekend to post an article …

The last 1 000 visitors in less than a month (of July). Again thank you to all who contribute to the success of my blog.

Lots of ideas for the future, after the holidays. And yes, no posts for the next 3 weeks. In the meantime, happy holidays to everyone.

See you soon.

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