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8 choice criteria for a code analysis tool (1/2)

I am always surprised when an article claims to compare code analysis tools or proposes criteria to choose such a tool. There is no definitive answer to this question, other than ‘it depends’.

If you want to buy a car, you will of course make your choice based on some criteria depending on the usage you plan for your vehicle. A coupe or convertible sports car are certainly attractive objects but impractical when it comes to transport your large family, do your shopping at Carrefour or go the beach with your surfing board.

Same when it comes to the selection of a tool to analyze the quality of your applications.
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Open Source and Legacy code

There are more and more solutions of analysis of code which allow to measure the quality of your applications. Most are sold by software vendors, and we had the opportunity to verify that these solutions are expensive to buy, to implement and to use (Disposable software). In response, the last decade has seen the rise of the Open Source alternative to proprietary software.

I often hear about Open Source solutions that:

  • They analyze only Java.
  • They require a strong Open Source / J2EE technical expertise.
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