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SonarSource Two important news on the SonarSource website.

The Sonar platform, dedicated to continuous inspection of the quality of code, has changed its name for SonarQube, since June 20, 2013. The announcement on the SonarSource website can be found here.

It’s been already some time then, but in fact, it took a couple of months to adjust and get used to talking about SonarQube and not Sonar.

I was wondering if I should change the existing posts on my blog and was hesitating, especially as it represents a certain amount of work, and proves to be a source of errors (especially when it comes to change and check out the many links between all posts). Until I see someone seeking information on SonarQube and saying he only had documentation about Sonar, and asking if it was the same software.

As one of the objectives of this blog is to facilitate the implementation and the use of a platform of analysis of the quality of applications, I decided to update the items in the most recent series about the installation of Sonar – sorry SonarQube. I will not change the older posts, even though I might add a line to announce the change of name and that it is the same software.

I will not change some things, such as categories or tags, at least for now. There are already too many things to check, in particular that the links between posts still work despite the changes of urls.

I can not change specific elements of the software such as menus in SonarQube or Jenkins, the names of properties files, etc. …

Eventually, some choices are not easy: should we talk about the database schema Sonar (as it is called) or SonarQube? Some may seem illogical, as describing how to install a SonarQube plugin … which appears with the name Sonar in a screenshot.
I guess it will resolve over time.

The second news is that SonarQube will not be anymore available for Tomcat, but only as a Windows service. That means I’ll have to migrate my platform SonarQube / Jenkins. This brings some questions: what about my configuration? Will I have to reinstall plugins? And my analysis?

Responses in a future series of posts on the subject.

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