Sonar – Jenkins plugin

After seeing how to install Jenkins, this post will focus on installing the plugin Sonar Jenkins.

Installation of the Sonar plugin for Jenkins

In the administration page of Jenkins, activate the menu of plugins administration.

In the next page ‘Update Center’, select the tab for available plugins: and look for the Sonar plugin.

At the bottom of the page, activate the button ‘Install without restart’.

Jenkins starts the installation and, once completed, warns us that the plugin Sonar has been updated.

We can return in the administration page of Jenkins and, in the page of configuration, we now have the possibility of setting up our Sonar:The parameters to specify are the same as for our Sonar installation:

Don’t forget to save this parameters with the button at the bottom of the page.

And that’s all. Now we can create our first analysis Sonar with Jenkins.

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