From the greek ‘logos’ (λόγος) speech, and Quality, Qualilogy should be the science or the methodology of Quality.

Curiously, this term almost does not exist. You will hardly find on Internet some pages or documents who use it, and in very different domains. You might find the expression ‘Qualitology’ more easily, but again with diverse meanings, from quality management to qualitative marketing research or medical lab measures. Obviously, qualitics or qualimetry are more common.

Quality of software or application developement process is not only my job, it is also an area of curiously paradoxal thoughts: how to measure quantitatively what is qualitative? Which best organizational practices to use in order to propagate the use of best developement practices ? Which software to use to measure the quality of software code we produce ?

‘Our’ Qualilogy, this blog, talks about application quality but will not keep off more general comments about quality and tools or processes participating to the development lifecycle. Nor will refuse iconoclast comment sense.

You will find this blog in three different languages, of which only one is familiar to me. Forgive in advance the errors for the other two languages

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All the images on this blog are available on the Journal of Vicken Krissian.


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