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Elastic software (2/2)

In our last post, we explained the concept of elasticity as the ability to move resources within a virtual infrastructure to answer business demands and (not always predictable) peaks with the best possible responsiveness.

Now, it’s not only about the ability to ‘inflate’ infrastructure by adding necessary resources, but also to ‘deflate’ it by reallocating these resources elsewhere. Like a balloon, the more elastic the infrastructure, the more it is easy to inflate and deflate.

What does that mean for your applications? Are they ready to go into the Cloud?

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Elastic software (1/2)

As we have seen in a previous post – Quality in the cloud – cost reduction remains the main motivation when it comes to go into the cloud and virtualized infrastructures. Then the second main reason is Capacity management.

When you have to size a physical infrastructure and a operating budget to manage it, the model is this one:

  • Estimate the maximum load required, based on the highest peeks of activity.
  • Plan the projected growth of resources over the period, on mid / long term.
  • Add a safety margin (don’t get short).

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