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Best practices of ABAP programming – Critical defects

Qualilogy - Les défauts critiques en programmation ABAPWe have seen in the previous post the most important violations to best practices of ABAP programming.

These defects are ‘Blockers’: the code can not go into production until a correction is performed. No exception is permitted: zero tolerance, because the risk is too high to see a transaction aborted and the user unable to perform the desired treatment. Continue reading

Best practices of ABAP programming – The Blockers

Bonnes pratiques de programmation ABAP - Les blockersAfter an interruption due to the reorganization of the blog – I hope you enjoy the new interface – we continues our series on the analysis of ABAP code.

We saw last time how to set up our first analysis of ABAP code with Sonar and Jenkins.

This week, we will examine the firsts ABAP rules, at least the most critical in terms of good programming practices. Continue reading