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Application benchmarking

I thought the previous post on the quality assessment of an application would be the last of our series on the analysis of Cobol code with Sonar. But I discovered this week a new plugin from eXcentia, very useful as a part of an assessment: the Sonar Benchmark Plugin.

This plugin allows a comparative evaluation – a benchmark – of an application over the entire code in your Sonar repository.

You remember that I have analyzed different Cobol applications, with whom I have created a Sonar View. With this View, we realized an evaluation of the quality of an application, not the most voluminous, but which had a significant number of violations.

For this, we put forward different numbers in order to make our assessment and propose some recommendations. But how does compare the quality of this application over the rest of our porfolio?

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Cobol application assessment with Sonar (1/2)

Code quality has been a constant concern for ages. Bad practices generate defects that impact users and costs of maintainability. Technical Debt, at first a simple metaphor, has since become a tool for measuring application quality and costs.

A few years ago, software that helped to identify these defects were rare and expensive. Today, Open Source tools such as Sonar allow everyone – project teams, providers, consultants, etc.. – to detect easily and cheaply these bad practices.

The Open Source world has long suffered from its image of ‘geek’ because these tools were first used by J2EE enthusiasts. But times have changed, and it is now possible to analyze Legacy code, such as Cobol and ABAP with Sonar.

This is the objective of our series of posts: show that it is possible to assess the quality of Cobol applications without knowing anything of Mainframe world.

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